🙀Imposter Syndrome Life is a place to read stories from people who battled imposter syndrome, to help you overcome it yourself. 💬There's also a chat to share your own story.

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Hi PH, Imposter Syndrom Life is a collection of articles and quotes on imposter syndrome to help you overcome it. I also struggled with it, and wrote about it myself, which is the featured article on the site! The product was also inspired by @amrith - I read his comment on dealing with Imposter Syndrome in a Maker Goals task, so I wanted to finished this one off and share it! Glad it's out there now. 💬Update: Just added a chat section to share your own stories and be part of the site. 🛠MakerBadge 🛠 I'm also using 'MakerBadge' on this product, which I launched today too, with @chriskonings - please check it out! MakerBadge is the little badge in the corner of the site to show who made the product, and it's open source 😃
@graeme_fulton thank you for making this website and sharing your story -- very relatable. it's hard when you feel you don't belong anywhere, but it brings only great things when you can make things all by yourself.
@mightyalex 🙏🏽thanks Alex! Yeah many people go through this alone, and I think a collective place of lonely thinkers is quite nice - I think the word is dichotomy? 🤔being alone does have benefits than with the crowd though for sure
@graeme_fulton this is great!💪 Thanks for making this. Really nice to read those stories, so often feel the same way.
This is great Graeme! I've been through this with just about every job role I've had. When i joined IBM, I thought 'Master Inventor' was some kind of god-like genius employee. Then I 'stumbled across' my first patent. And then another. Before I knew it I was a Master Inventor too. I just braved it and took the steps. Nice to read other people's stories.
@rob_breeds Hey Rob! Haha I thought that of the Master Inventor at IBM too. I thought they'd be very unapproachable and too important, but you dispelled that perception for me. That's why it's so cool to read these stories of people who achieved a lot, and are really down to earth, and know they felt the same at some point. Makes things seem more possible! Funny thing is, when I was making the app, I wasn't going to include myself ..."Am I an imposter imposter" 🙈😂
I had not heard of this before. Here’s the Wikipedia link on the subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Im...
@rmagrino to be honest, I hadn't heard of imposter syndrome before I wrote my article about it. I only realised after reading Julie Zhou's article. Thanks for sharing the definition..maybe I should add that to the site..or the mystery is also quite nice