#5 Product of the DayNovember 26, 2015
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It's criminal how much perfectly good fruit & veg is thrown away by producers because it doesn't meet the aesthetic standards set by the supermarkets. I'm so glad that these guys are solving this problem. It really does sound like a win-win solution for producers and the public.
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I love this so much... We tried something similar in London 2 years ago, unsuccessfully. Huge kudos to the maker, such a great cause!
@amarast Why do you think you guys were unsuccessful? Timing or market conditions or your product?
@joshdance timing, clearly. And on a personal note, I was a terrible product manager... Today, people are much more aware of how big of an issue food waste is, regulators too.
Great concept. Europe needs ugly veggies delivered too!
I 💚 the @ImperfectFruit peeps. Their mission is cool and their execution is unique. They're also live on Meerkat every friday, check them out! http://meerkatapp.co/imperfectfruit
Seems to be nice concept!