Impact is an awesome Design System carefully designed for your online business showcase. It comes as a complete solution, with front pages and dashboard pages included.
✅ 200 Handcrafted Elements
✅ 4 Customized Plugins
✅ 9 Example Pages
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Really sleek and smooth. Worth a look at ...
Looks amazing! 🤩
@ildiko_gaspar thank you, Ildiko! 🙏
Top-notch design, once again. Well done, guys, keep up the good work! I just found out about you a few weeks ago, bought a theme last week - very happy with it. Maybe we can do a collaboration: imagine the power your'd give your users, if after they purchase your theme, they can also build admin panels as easy as allows them. Reach out - this could be really good for both of us.
@tabacitu Hey Cristian! Thanks for all the good thoughts. I just checked out backpackforlaravel and I think we can definitely have a talk about this together :)
Really liking the visuals, well done guys. Might use this later :)
@adrian_stefan Thank you, Adrian! 🙏