Make music with your voice

#5 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2014
Heard about this product in the Launch of the Week segment from @TWIstartups. Seems like an interesting product, but I'm not sure how big of a problem it solves. They are close to hitting their Kickstarter goal, so maybe I'm wrong.
This looks kind of silly but as much fun as I've had with the I Am T-Pain app, I bet this is fun. :) cc @kellymcgrath
I think it's not meant to be silly or fun, but a utility to help musicians and composers create new melodies and music more quickly. I Am T-Pain was for general audiences to create meme-like auto-tuned audio clips. @lylemckeany, cool share!
Pretty cool @rrhoover. I saw a midi controler that attaches to plants and people to make music as well. It's called MIDI-Sprout from @DataGRDN
As an digital audio hobbyist/tinkerer I think this is really cool ... lowers the friction bar for basic expression. They should have made a beatboxing video though!