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So far I still haven't found anything that tops XMind 🤔
I had used iMindQ for several years but switched to Simplemind because, while the Windows PC version synced with the iPhone version, the latter just seemed to be a lite version of the desktop version, even though I had paid for both. So with important features deployed the desktop version being missing from the iPhone version, I really couldn't take advantage the cross-platform functionality. I checked the with folks at iMindQ recently. Nothing has changed.
@hrv50 how does simple mind compare to Mindjet
@lordloh Zooming on ipad doesnt work 😞
@eonpilot I did not develop the framework. It also does not zoom on android. I have a long list of things to send to the developers. I like the tool and the HTML export.
@lordloh I love MindMaps. But havn't found any that zooms well in a browser. it seems that when you add too many items very noticeable lag appears. cc @nikitavoloboev
@eonpilot @nikitavoloboev I know. The DOM size becomes too large. I think a good solution might be to use SVG to create the image. Not sure if SVG would suffer from large DOM / XML.
@lordloh @nikitavoloboev Unfortunately I thing SVG will suffer the same fate. WebGL would work but WebGL isnt supported on iPad etc.
Another subscription model! Why has this become the New Thing. I bet it can be blamed on the Finance Department.
@jasonology They have an outright purchase too. & for Mac.

Excellent for visual mapping of ideas, studying, information structuring and organization of tasks.


One of the best mind mapping apps I have tried - the shareable interactive HTML maps are the most innovative feature I have seen.


No integration between mobile and desktop apps.