imgix Sandbox

Resize & process images in real-time w/ simple URL commands

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Thanks for the submission, Josh! I'm part of the team that put Sandbox together as a way to show off everything you can do with imgix. imgix is a real-time image resizing service and CDN. Sandbox is the playground where you can play around with different operations to see how each one affects your image. To start off, we’ve included a suite of images from Unsplash. If you have any questions, we'll do our best to answer them throughout the day. Thanks! If you'd like to learn more about Sandbox, watch this video:
@kellysutton nice work! I've been using imgix on a few projects now. This definitely helpful to show off all the capabilities.
We use Imgix at LaunchKit and Cluster. It's one of the best, easiest to use services we've ever integrated. Its value far outweighs its cost. Highly recommended!
Love being able to see and easily test all the options in the sandbox, nice work!
very cool, simplifies this process a ton
Cool guys. How does the underlying product compare with something like Cloudinary? We're in the middle of integrating with them but always open to new things!
@joshdickson40 On the surface, the two services are similar. Our schtick is that everything happens in real-time and on-the-fly in our own data centers: Because everything is on-the-fly, that means you don't have to store all of your different permutations nor are you charged for requesting new ones. We built Sandbox to show off this in effect. I'll drop you an email and we can continue the conversation from there.