imgix Page Weight Tool

Measure site resources and learn how to improve load time

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Super handy tool by the good folks at imgix! Here's a sample report with Baremetrics: We clearly have some work to do. 😬
The CTA here is interesting. It feels like they put the weighing process on a delay timer to convince you to enter your email address to get the report "when your report is ready".
@ypcrumble No lying here. We process the page as fast as possible. We do about 2 dozen passes on each image to see how we can best optimize it. Doing that for an entire site can take a few seconds.
@kellysutton didn't realize you were doing more than just "weighing" the size of the images. I said it was interesting because I'm not sure it would be lying. You're providing a free service. It doesn't seem necessarily wrong for people to wait for slower service if they don't want to provide you their email. On the flip side they pay for better service by giving you their email address and not having to wait!
As others have said, the image adjustments were a surprise - very pleasant surprise!
Thanks for making this! Great to get a full report and also a 2nd oppinion. I used Imagify for this, but never got a comparison to other sites. It didn't take too long to run the report, and it looks like it worked properly for my site.
Nice work building a handy tool to showcase the power of Imgix! Love how it clearly describes the value of your service in a context that is totally helpful to the developer.