iMazing Mini

Back up your devices automatically, wirelessly & privately

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"iMazing Mini is the free Mac and PC app which backs up your iOS devices automatically, wirelessly, and privately." Neat! Made by the iMazing team.
@t55 Hi Ton! Thanks for hunting iMazing Mini, but don't forget it's still in beta :)
@marynadimova Yup, I know. Had a few crashes already. But I'm on 10.12.6 and 10.3.3. It's a great app!
@t55 Thanks! We've already spotted one frequent crash and will fix it soon! All beta feedback is welcome at via the app.
@t55 @marynadimova Crash affecting iMac and Mac mini fixed in Beta 2, thanks a bunch for reporting it.
@digidna @marynadimova Thanks for the quick fix! What a joy to use :)
Congrats to the iMazing team!! Looks very cool. I just added it to my "Better Together" collection as well. P.S. And good job on the more advanced feature with iOS battery notifications. More advanced than the original iBetterCharge ;)
@joshsoftorino Thank you, Josh! Awaiting for your feedback too :)
@joshsoftorino just looked for your "better together" collection. Cool name and you make cool stuff, so... Me searching... Can you help me with a link? Cheers, Mark
@markhuf thanks, Mark! Could you specify which link you need exactly ? :)
@joshsoftorino Hi Josh, I don't know... You mention a "Better Together" collection. As where you added Imazing Mini. So I was thinking it was a collection here on Product Hunt but I don't see that one in your collections under your profile... I see only 3 collections there, so maybe this collection was just a figure of speech and you have a private list somewhere. But me being enthusiastic, just like waiting for your new SYC2, am looking for your "Better Together" collection. But, not native English, Amsterdam, just might misunderstood what you wrote. Anyway, would love to know which Mac app are top tier according to you. In a collection or not. But good title, Better Together. Hope this explains what I mean.... Cheers, Mark
@markhuf Oh! My bad :) Here's the link to our collection And Thank you for pre-ordering SYC 2!! you're awesome. Anyways, we're flooding iMazing's page a bit so if you want – you may email me or tweet me with any questions ;) Go go iMazing Mini !!
Hello Product Hunters! We are very excited to announce the official launch of iMazing Mini for Mac today. It's the best way to back up iPhone and iPad securely and privately, and it's free! Back in 2007, we launched our first app, TuneAid. Our goal was simple - to help iPod users transfer music between their device and computer. So much changed since then, but one thing did not: we're still around, and still doing our best to create powerful and elegant apps which aim to simplify the 'i's in our lives. The idea behind iMazing Mini has been floating around for some time: to make automatic wireless backups, iMazing needed a menu bar app that launches at startup. We designed iMazing Mini to be both an extension of iMazing, and a standalone tool that's available with zero strings attached. What makes iMazing Mini a must have for every iOS user: + Private: encrypted backups via your local Wi-Fi network, to your chosen location and drive. + Transparent: configure when and how frequently each of your devices is backed up. + Safe: unlike iTunes or iCloud, iMazing Mini saves every backup incrementally so that you can go back in time to a specific version. + 100% Free: no registration, no paid cloud storage, and no ads. For more info, head to our website where you'll also find download links for iMazing Mini for Mac (smile) We're already hard at work on the Windows version. PC users, thank you for your patience! We had a great time making iMazing Mini and would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions.
@gregorio_zanon How do you plan to make money?
Does this allow encrypted backups and are backups equivalent to iTunes backups.
@parwinder Give iMazing Mini a try :) It supports Apple's backup encryption (AES-256), so your backups will be safe and secure and you can schedule backups and set backup location, so they are even better than iTunes backups.
@marynadimova Hi! I have iMazing 2, what's the difference with iMazing mini?
@marynadimova 🙏 Going to give this a spin.
@marynadimova This tool is sweet! I knew about iMazing, but I didn't know the capabilities. Instead of downloading the mini I grabbed the trial for iMazing 2.3 beta 2. The polished UI is a plus. Hooked up all my devices to it and scheduled encrypted backups daily over WiFi. Now I can sleep in peace ☮️
@realdjthewriter Oops, missed your question, sorry :( The main purpose of iMazing Mini is backing up your iOS devices automatically, but you can use iMazing Mini extension with iMazing 2. Beta is open or you can wait for the next big update :)
Just downloaded and about to install! I know, it's beta, but it just looks so awesome!
@markhuf Thanks Mark! 💚