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For years people have been asking me whether ImageOptim can work on Linux, and this is my answer to it. It's an HTTP API, so you can benefit from cutting-edge compressors without having to ./configure && make anything. It's also my research playground, so it has a new JPEG compressor that reduces color fringing (e.g. handles sharp red lines much better than usual encoders).
@pornelski Cheers on finding a great way to monetize this!
@pornelski awesome - what's most peoples work flow for this? User uploads content -> optimize via api & store? Would be interesting to have this as a plugin for popular upload libraries (carrierwave/paperclip for example).
@mscccc Yes, store the images on your server. I think that's the best model - you already have your servers, domains, CDNs, etc. so I don't need to duplicate any of it, and can focus on providing just the tech.
This is cool! The web service of the popular ImageOptim app, ready to be used without the app, allowing devs to easily resize and optimize images on the server.
Awesome! Will use it in many apps and website...
Kornel, you and I have exchanged messages in the past and you were so helpful... I'm happy you found a way to monetize while still allowing others via the app to have access to your great work for free! You rock - as always!
This is incredible. Beats anything I have tried. Even my own manual techniques, and I have been compressing images for the web for 20 years.