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Are there plans to expand the functionality of this keyboard to more than just google images?
@bentossell My very literal answer is that we have Bing Images integration queued up for our next release (that API lets us do a bit more). :-) We’ve also been thinking about implementing some lightweight creation tools and would love to hear suggestions!
@oldestlivingboy are you talking something with which to make text/ image graphics, along the lines of say Adobe Post?
@musolek Yeah, but I don’t think our features would be as fancy as that app’s. ;-) What do you think, though – would those sorts of features be handy?
@oldestlivingboy Cool! Me thinks those features wld be great but I'll settle for a feature that allows for you to format or resize images/ gifs for all major social media channels.
@musolek Resizing is a great suggestion, thank you!
This seems like a feature inside the keyboard "startups" e.g thingthing and the rest.. What happens if they introduce this just like GIF search .. Cheers on executing thou
What happens if we introduce GIF search? ;-) (Actually, see my reply to @koridhandy – Image Search Keyboard does already search GIFs, but the results aren’t animated [yet]). Thank you @uxdzen.
@oldestlivingboy hey Brian, congrats on the launch 🎊, lets chat on Twitter DM ? Interesting stuff
@oplante Thanks and sure, my DMs are open. Correction: I thought my DMs were open (I must’ve switched them). They’re open now.
Incredibly useful. Keyboards are for more than just animated gifs.
Thanks @dflanegan! Let us know if you spot anything in the app that could be made better.
Nice work building the app, I know how hard it is to build something people want to use daily. Personally I just don't see how this would fit into my daily messaging, I send GIFS daily..etc but sending just an image with no other context is difficult and limiting, quick communication is key. I see small usecases for this app, keep going, you'll figure out soon if something is here. Cheers
Image Search Keyboard returns GIF results too! :-) The thumbnails just aren’t animated. :-( Perhaps we can figure out how to animate them in our next iteration or two. The upside of searching over the whole web is that you get access to every GIF and image ever made rather than to a subset only. Thank you for the helpful feedback, @koridhandy.
Awesome. Let's add the icons from icons8.com.
@visualpharm Neat, we’ll check the API out.