Image Blur

Hide your sensitive data with a click

Using an image with sensitive data - image or information - you need to hide? Image blur is your solution. Upload image, blur and hide your sensitive data, download and use it. No login needed, free forever.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey! Upload all your sensitive data to our *free* online web service! We promise we're not doing anything shady with it. Other than that, looks like a well-designed & easy to use tool albeit lacking some options in terms of blur amount (large text is still visible - such as the $4520 in the example on the homepage)
@hexacubist Thanks for the feedback, you are right, we should add a brief disclaimer. A note on that: every couple of minutes we automatically remove all data ( which is not in active session ) from our servers. With "Image blur" we tried to make a frequent and much-needed task super easy, and as such... "image blur" was born. Upload an image, mark the section you would like to blur out ( mask) and click, that's it! Simple as that :) No shady business here...its actually a side project born from our flagship product
@hexacubist @wolkomir why not do the blurring client side? Should be totally possible with canvas... uploading the sensitive data to the server really defeats the purpose doesn’t it?
@hexacubist @wolkomir Yeah, it's not that I think this product *is* doing something shady, but it does seem somewhat impervious to irony. At this particular moment in our history, where data privacy is more than ever before a hot-button issue, it's pretty baffling that someone would release a product where you specifically upload your sensitive data to some company's servers with nothing more than a pinky promise that they won't read and make some use of it, especially when said product is "Powered by a company that does data tracking". The intent *might be* noble, and the practices might be perfectly up-to-snuff, but the perception is not very far from that of Facebook asking people to upload their nude photos to "help combat revenge porn". Even if I had full trust in your company (I'm just not familiar enough with it to do so), I don't trust the infallibility of your server's security to ever use this. Sorry.
Great job!! 😊 Would love an chrome extension to use it out while browsing?
@ayush_chandra yesss. a chrome extension would make this a nobrainer for me.

We need:

- extension

- high blur level


So easy to use


blur isn't enought, wanna pixelated mode :)

I like the look and feel of it, but I also feel like this shouldn't be a website, but an app which I can explicitly forbid to access network. Like Black Out by @sindresorhus Otherwise I can't really entrust my private information to such a service

It's not a cons, maybe a nice feature to add in the future, marking more than one are and then press Blur and you get all blurred at once.

But I love this, will use it.


Simple, fast, solve problem without heavy software



Uploading "image with sensitive data" seems like a Con.