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"Record, share, and store videos on the cloud" .. I dig it!
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Duuudes. Great find, I could totally use something like this so making my demo videos is a breeze. I wonder what the back story is on this team?
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@vid_spandana great question. Nick came up with the idea for ilos while working in corporate. He just couldn’t believe there wasn’t a better way to communicate at work. There are so many situations where it’s easier to show someone something than to try and explain it. But unless you wanted to setup a web conference call, or schedule an in-person meeting, there really wasn’t a good way of doing that on the job. Communication should be simple. This is why we created ilos.
Looks pretty cool, can one of the makers comment on how this compares to CloudApp?
@blakeyeager First off, CloudApp is a cool tool and if others haven’t checked it out, I would recommend doing so. The main difference with ilos is that we’re spearheading Video Capture and Screen Recording. With CloudApp you can share audio, images, files, etc but their video recording is pretty clunky. So we are video recording and storage solution that works on any operating system (although not Linux just yet =), always works, and has depth of features.
Hi Everyone, My name is Nick and I am the CEO at ilos Videos. Btw me and the team were so excited to Hunted this morning! We started ilos out of a need we saw for a simple and streamlined Screen Recording experience and it's been really cool to see how much people are using it! If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me via email. I'd love to hear from you! nickstokman@ilosvideos.com Thanks! Nick
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@nickstokman -- Thanks for dropping by! Just signed up for the 14 day trial. Just curious how you guys feel you're different than say ScreenFlow etc. Also, is there a reason you've decided to go the monthly/yearly model as opposed to a one time fee? Look forward to your answers. :-)
@aboundlessworld Hi Bud, thanks for the question! So the big difference with ilos vs Screenflow is that ilos is screen recording + storage + hosting, all on the cloud inside a single app. I like to make the comparison of Microsoft Word Vs Google Drive. Screenflow is like Microsoft Word because you have to upload your video it to a third party app (like Youtube or Vimeo) to share or edit it so things start to get out of sync. ilos, on the other hand, allows you to easily share and/or edit your video in real-time like Google Drive. Hope that helps!
@nivo0o0 Actually you can make Gifs on ilos too =) Here's an ilos Gif to show you how: