Illuminated Garments

Stylish and safer illuminated clothing and backpacks

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I've said it before, anything that makes bikers more visible is huge in my book! @Lumenuslife creates sleek garments making you more visible and look goooood my friends 👌
Lumenus was formed in January of 2015 when Jeremy Wall, the innovator, joined forces with the founding team of Outdoor Tech to launch a new brand into the market with the intent of delivering products designed to save lives. With a background in fashion development, Wall's design process is human-centric and focuses on style, fit and performance. When the LED lights aren't in use, they're invisible so the product maintains a casual athletic appearance that is attractive in a wide range of social environments. "As a commuter cyclist I have felt unsafe for years on the roads, especially during the early morning hours or after sunset. When the sun goes down, my guard has to come up," Wall said. "While reflective elements are essential, they require direct light to illuminate them which is often too late. Lumenus blends smart active lighting and 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective, creating maximum visibility in all conditions. Existing safety gear just isn't cool, so creating pieces that fit your lifestyle off the road, while saving your life on it, is at the heart of Lumenus."