Ikea Trådfri

Ikea's own smart lighting system

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Nice. Is it Alexa compatible? Would be an awesome feature to have.
@thenateh Alexa and/or Siri/HomeKit compatibility would be nice :) any information on that?
@xcuze @thenateh Seems like they are getting homeKit / Google Home / Echo: https://www.theverge.com/circuit...
Not bad. I just expect something more unique from Ikea
So cheap compared to LIFX and Hue! Definitely considering Trådfri.
@mikaelf Agreed. If it beats the price point of Hue, I'm in. I really love the idea of smart lighting but paying the cost of Hue was like a sucker punch.
@punkscience @mikaelf Just tried it. The light quality IMO is really good...bought another set....ill probably keep picking up more and more everytime i'm at ikea 🤣
Great they finally launched this, Ikea has strict quality control so would be tempted to use this as my main gateway hub. The pricing is a bit odd, wouldn't it make sense to sell the gateway separately with a loss and get the margin from the lamps (gateway 20$, each lamp 22-24$ instead of the current 19$. When the system works a family home takes easily 10 lamps and barrier to second gateway (leisure home/christmas gift) much lower than the current 80$ starter package.