Add wireless charging to any furniture

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#3 Product of the DayApril 16, 2015
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Blaine Hatab
Blaine Hatab@blainehatab · Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
This is actually really awesome. I love the idea of modular components like this. I can't wait till there's just a bunch of things like this that I can incorporate into my products like APIs.
Bennett Wong
Bennett Wong@ennsu · Digital Designer
It comes with an iPhone case as well. Ikea is surely very keen to get into electronics.
Nadia Yun
Nadia Yun@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
Would be amazing if you didn't have to use the case they provide. That just means swapping out cases in the morning.
nina.@nine_u · News & Tech Writer, Digital Music News
Nadia Yun
Nadia Yun@nadia_yun · Consumer Marketing Google Hardware
@nine_u @nadia_yun #lifesaver Do they make a battery pack case for an iphone 6+? lol
Malcolm Ong
Malcolm Ong@malcolmong · Product @ SCMP, Co-founder @ Skillshare
Love this
Amanda Chiu
Amanda Chiu@manda_auror · Marketing Coordinator, Atomic Reach
There must tons of other tools that do this right?...but I guess because it's Ikea. Yup I'm a fan.