IGdm Pro

Instagram Direct messages on your laptop with more features

IGdm Pro is a paid extended version of IGdm packed with even more features. It offers the following abilities:
1. Sign in with multiple accounts
2. Delete Conversations
3. Unsend messages
4. Quick Replies
5. Dark theme
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Love being able to quote. Is this against IG's ToS in any way/shape/form?
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@christopher_lee4 Exactly. I'm wondering the same and I hope there's not any chance of compromising an IG account using this tool.
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@christopher_lee4 @youngorwell as with other 3rd party IG clients, there is indeed a chance of getting ones account blocked from using IGdm (and Pro). However, I have used it for quite a while (at least 2 years) and haven't experienced any such issues so far.
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@christopher_lee4 @teddyskillz2 glad to see you're transparent about that. I'll definitely take your tool in consideration ;)
@christopher_lee4 One of my Instagram accounts deleted by Instagram after login with idgm. It wasn't my primary account thankfully.
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@christopher_lee4 @muratbiskin wow, sorry to hear this. How long ago was this? Also do you recall if the Igdm app was downloaded directly from the igdm website? i.e https://igdm.me
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IGdm Pro is an extended and paid version of IGdm(free version) which offers more useful features for Instagram business owners who need Instagram chat for business-related activities. I decided to build this tool since I often got feature requests from business owners who wanted more than what IGdm (the free version) had to offer. I hope people find this tool useful, and I'm happy to get your feedback. :)
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@teddyskillz2 any plans to support features in the new Creator Tools Inbox?
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@chrismessina this is part of the goal, yes. One of such features already supported is “Quick replies”
Instagram doesn’t seem to officially support DMs in their API. I’m really curious what method you’re using to get around that and how reliable you feel it is. Awesome project by the way.
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@johnzach02 as most other 3rd party Instagram clients, IGdm Pro uses reverse engineering to access endpoints that are available on the IG mobile app.
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@johnzach02 regarding reliability, I can at least say IGdm (the free version) has been around and used for at least 2 years now
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@johnzach02 They're probably using something like this: https://github.com/mgp25/Instagr...
@johnzach02 @linus_m It uses npm/instagram-private-api to be precise. Almost all modern softwares made using Private APIs is made using that very package.
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I love the app but there is still much to improve, like: I don't want to login any time when I open my second ig account.
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@thefabulousste yes, for sure it's not perfect, and there's indeed room for improvement. It is going to be continuously updated and improved upon.
As wonderful as those apps allowing you to schedule stories directly to IG. We ALL want those features.... but unfortunately the official API does not allow for that... so, can we really risk getting our accounts suspended? 🤷‍♂️