Instagram direct messaging on your laptop

IGdm is Desktop messaging app for Instagram. You can simply continue your chats from your phones to your computers.

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51 Reviews3.7/5
Dude seriously thank you for creating this tool! You have no idea how much this helps me stay productive so I don't have to be on my phone all day I can just log in to my computer and handle business and other little things here and there. You've inspired me to work on my fist open source or programming project I'm not sure what it is but you've sparked a flame. Again thanks man!!!
@donaldkatana wow, thank you for the kind words. I'm happy to hear you find this helpful
For the Gary Vaynerchuk lover who also likes having a laptop.
@treggify Dude were for sure on the same page haha
Hey guys I was just wondering 2 things. 1- Can this get your account suspended by using ? and 2) What measures are being taken for security. How do we know our datas not being compromised
@cellus_christie to answer the question about security, the communication is strictly between your computer and instagram, so yes this is pretty safe. There's no intermediate servers anywhere or anything. As proof, the source code of this project is published free for anyone to inspect for anything fishy. See https://github.com/ifedapoolarew...
Very good app, but a few things.. 1. The pop up 'you got a message' is very annoying, is there a way to turn it off ? 2. The chat delay.. 3. chat bubbles are blue and white.. but the background is also almost white.. not a good idea, possibility to change it ? 4. Emojis are without colour.
So im on Mac OS X, and it had been working fine but just yesterday it wouldn't let me see my list of conversations... help?