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Hi Hunters! 😻 I'm one of the makers of If No Reply - firstly, thanks for the hunt Eric! The reason we created If No Reply was to help grow our own business. It allows you to schedule follow-up emails that are only sent if you don't get a reply from somebody (and it's designed for Gmail). The idea is to save time following up with prospects, and make more conversions too. Anybody who spends a lot of time following up by email would probably find INR useful - but here are the 3 main ways we use it in our own business: 1. Sales outreach 2. Inbound sales to existing customers 3. Sending welcome emails to new customers via our API I know there are a lot of sales automation tools (e.g. Outreach, Reply, PersistIQ) and a lot of Gmail extensions too (e.g. Boomerang, ReBump). We've tried more than I can recall, and we've been paying customers for some too... and in spite of this, we didn't find any of them met our need (simplicity and personalisation). We set out to create a simple sales automation tool that works perfectly with Gmail. Check it out at https://www.ifnoreply.com - we'd love to hear your thoughts! If you have any questions I'll be on here all day with my cofounder Harry, so please do ask 🤓 Ed
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@edmoyse Why hide the pricing after sign up?
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@edmoyse The "sign up for pricing" turned me off. Would love to try it, but I feel this is dishonest. Sorry.
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@edmoyse Do you surface these emails back to my inbox? In other words, is there anyway to get notified that a "ifnoreply" was triggered?
"Sign up to see pricing" -- No.
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appreciate your feedback @noxowe, the reason why we've done this is because we apply early bird discounts on users who've signed up, given we've just launched.
@hyharryhuang It would still be nice to see a basic pricing with a notice included that early birds get x % off etc
@noxowe @hyharryhuang thanks for the feedback - working on it as we speak!
@edmoyse @hyharryhuang Cool! I think it will get you more signups, at least from people like me :) I don't sign up to things before I know how much I need to pay cause if I signed up and it's too much you have my contact info but I don't profit anything. That's the kind of sub-conscious thinking that goes through my mind when I see 'Contact sales' or 'sign up to see prices'
@noxowe @edmoyse makes a lot of sense - we've just enabled the pricing now, based on your suggestion. thanks Laszlo!
Excellent tool, just replaced Reply.io with this - much more affordable, slicker integration, much nicer overall feel!
@micrv That is my thinking too! Sorry Reply.io - welcome to the future!
@hunterdoug @micrv try followupthen.com very easy works great.
I've been using this myself - awesome product, so happy to see it on Product Hunt. I've tried out a lot of competitors too - from Outreach to PersistIQ to ReBump. All I can say is I'm really glad 🙌🏼to have found If No Reply!
@loukmannacik I'm with this guy ;) , your product looks great, also love Hey Press!
Great tool for email marketing and keep the workflow smooth. Can it work on Inbox by Google? I am used to Inbox and find it harder to switch back the traditional Gmail interface.
@sofisteee not at the moment, but definitely on our list of things to do. should be available very soon :)