Buy MLB tickets based on the experience you want to have

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Karl Newell
Karl Newell@krlnwll · Co-Founder, LenderLogix
Very cool idea, any plans to bring to other sports, NFL, NBA, etc.?
Adam Navarrete
Adam NavarreteMaker@adamnavarrete
@krlnwll Thanks, Karl. Yes, both NFL and NBA are on our short list of next sports to integrate into IdealSeat. Thanks for the support!
Nick Berry
Nick Berry@nicholosberry · Marketing Technologist
Don't just stop at the mlb hit the minor leagues too!
Adam Navarrete
Adam NavarreteMaker@adamnavarrete
@nicholosberry The Minors are on our radar as well.
Michael Carrano
Michael Carrano@michaelcarrano · Mobile Software Engineer in NYC.
So happy someone finally made this! However, sad that there is no Android version. I remember talking to the CEO of SeatGeek and mentioning, while I do want the best price for my seat, I also want some action such as catching a foul ball. Just curious where you get that sort of data from?
Adam Navarrete
Adam NavarreteMaker@adamnavarrete
Hi, Product Hunters! Adam Navarrete, co-founder and CMO at IdealSeat here. IdealSeat is a mobile ticketing platform based on fan experience. We're currently focused on MLB ticketing, and we'll be expanding to NFL, NBA, and NHL ticketing next. We take the guesswork out of buying tickets for MLB games by using advanced analytics to get fans into the IdealSeat to catch a foul ball or home run, to sit in the sun or shade, to find a family-friendly section, or to catch a game with friends. After setting your home stadium and selecting the game you want to attend, we statistically rank sections based on your desired fan experience using nearly a million data points that we've tracked and collected across all 30 MLB ballparks. IdealSeat started as a way to statistically find the best seat in order to catch a foul ball. While talking to fans, we quickly found that they also wanted to know more than just price and proximity to the field when purchasing the "best available" seats because, believe it or not, not all fans want the same experience. And as baseball fans ourselves, we also wanted the ability to never have to pay the ridiculous ticketing markup prices again, so we introduced an IdealSeat membership that gives our members tickets at cost. Use promo code "producthunt30" (all lowercase, no quotes) during checkout for an EXCLUSIVE 30% off your IdealSeat membership, just for ProductHunters. For those wanting to test our data before becoming a member, we also allow users to Checkout as Guest with standard pricing. So there you have it. Please feel free to ask away as I'd be happy to answer any questions, and thanks for checking out IdealSeat. I hope to see you on Twitter (@AdamNavarrete), and you can find IdealSeat on Twitter and Instagram at @IdealSeat.
Adam Navarrete
Adam NavarreteMaker@adamnavarrete
@michaelcarrano Thanks for your comment and support, Michael. We hear you about Android. Just after expanding into NFL, the next biggest request we get is going to Android. As for our data, we collect it both manually and via an internal tracking app. In addition to our core team, we have over 60+ people on our research team (across all 30 MLB ballparks) who track data.