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Level up the quantity and quality of your ideation sessions.


Hi, it's Nick from Board of Innovation!

We realised ideation is one of the toughest steps when dealing with innovation. That’s why we created a tool to help changemakers around the world and across sectors to generate insightful, positive, relevant ideas.

Visit and level up the quantity and quality of your business ideas!

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Unlike common beliefs; ideation is not just a matter of getting the right people in the room, adding some post-its and beers to the mix and waiting for 3 hours until the next disruptive venture is somehow brought into being.

A good ideation session is hard work! It is a structured process of guiding the right people through a number of carefully designed exercises - we generally keep the beers for the end of the day. This tool was really useful in the ideation phase.


Let you generate a lot of new business ideas



Great point. A part of me dies inside each time someone says "brainstorming is dead", "it just breeds group think", etc. This tool is a good start for illustrating how that process *should* be structured.

True to what we do - we don't keep developing until it's a 100% - going live with a beta version will give us a lot more insights in what could be better. Let us know!


The What If? cards are great triggers to come up with new ideas


Still in beta (UX could be improved)

I'm not a big fan of brainstorming,in fact i hate it for several reasons. The most obvious is that it rarely drive huge growth. But i have to tell that this service is by far more "useful". But the cons have to be used to improve the service and then maybe something very useful that can be use in production can emerge.


It's relatively good as it uses some good tools to help innovating (JTBD for example ). No need to know some innovations theories to use it


The industries boundaries are already drawn. the jtbds use are not declined in all three dimensions. some jtbs looks like desired outcome

Thanks for the feedback Ahounou! I agree with your feedback on the JTBs, we do have to refine them and the Customer Segments. Some HMW statements that are generated in this beta version might not make perfect sense. Not sure what you mean with the industrie boundaries already being drawn? Our thinking there was that we could make the tool as relevant as possible for users by letting them choose their own industry. How would you improve that aspect?

It would great to add:

- the possibility of printing the question.

- a mini canvas to write the most powerful ideas, once all the ideas have been spoke of in order to begin with a prioritization.


Simple, easy to understand, so fast onboarding, interesting questions.

The additional card to get more inspiration is relevant.


I would expect to choose my target group.

Questions quite product-oriented: add Marketing, Finance...

Role of the "60" card not clear.

Thanks for the feedback Lucie! The 60" is actually supposed to be a countdown clock (coming in the next version) and the goal was to urge users to change what if cards every 60 seconds. Thanks for pointing out that this is not clear:) I like your suggestions. We actually use a canvas in the offline version of this tool that we use in workshops. We'll have a look at the possibility of adding a 'print' button to the site so people can print the HMW statement on a canvas on which they can capture their ideas.

I'm not sure how people in the other industries take on idea generation, but this idea generator seemed to reflect a pretty closed mindset, in my opinion.


not much


Limited industries. "What if's" are unrealistic.