An alarm app that donates to charity when you snooze

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If I really want motivation to wake up, it would be better if those donations were going to organizations I dislike
If the social pressure of a phone call from someone on Morning Person isn't enough motivation to wake up, maybe money will.
I really like the design and point of this app (as a serial snoozer myself). From their site: "If you snooze the alarm (lazybones!) the app takes note. When your snoozes have added up to £1 we will text you asking if you want to donate that amount or let more snoozes accrue."
Glad you all like it! We've had an overwhelming response from charities wanting to be included, loads of potential to snooze in support of good causes @falabelladaniel we don't use in app rather text to donate.
Donating 1$ to Oracle every time I snooze could motivate me to get up. This is good for charity though, because I can snooze in comfort knowing I'm doing something good.