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Dalpat Prajapati
@dalpattapaniya · I Design! Thinker & Learner!
Payment is Live now! :D
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Dalpat Prajapati
@dalpattapaniya · I Design! Thinker & Learner!
Hello everyone! We're working on our iconscout platform from the past 6 months where people can get high quality icons. Iconscout is the simplest way for designers to sell and share their icons to everyone. As Mark Twain quoted, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”. So here we are with latest update on Iconscout. We are still in beta … See more
Harsh Vakharia
@harshjv · Engineer by passion. Creator by heart.
Awesome! Just found a delicious donut icon for my project. Keep up with the good work!
@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer, StudioMinted.com
There is a dramatic richness to this project, it claims its in "beta" but really has a great foot in the door both in terms of the user experience but also in the content. There is also a great amount of uniquiness in the packs when you compare it too Creative Martket, Envato, UI8, iconfinder. Sweet! Ill be a member
Karthik Varma
@leovarmak · Programmer and Student
Hey Dalpat ! Nice product. I guess there is some glitch with the sign up part. I didn't get 2 months free trial and got only 1 month
Lucas Maldonado
@lucasmaldonado · Founder at PopMyAds
Good luck with iconscout, looks great! BTW having issues with search: 500 Internal Server Error