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A big thanks to Kevin for submitting Icon Shop. At Icon Shop I create premium quality icons and set them FREE. You can use these icons as you want with no restrictions or attribution. Hundreds of free icons get added every week. With support from the community and fellow designers I want to help create better designs. If you want to know more about the features you can visit https://freeiconshop.com/features
@zeeshanmac Is there a reason you didn't use SVG icons on your site? They seem to be PNG and it doesn't really look good in a Retina display (Perhaps not optimized for it?), Not as sharp & clean as its supposed to be! Good luck though.
@irazasyed There's a very good reason I didn't use SVG images as a base on my site. I don't want https://freeiconshop.com to be a hub just for designers. Icons can be used for various things and by various people in various fields. I specifically wanted outer icons to be 128x128px in width & inner ones to be 256x256 in PNG format. I use a retina display and I don't think they look all that blurry. P.S. If you want SVG or PSD files you can just click on the Free button and you will have all the vectors to work with.
@zeeshanmac I see. Makes sense! They don't look that blurry but they could've looked a lil bit more nicer. Maybe because I'm coming from looking at the Font/SVG icons which obviously look much better. Nevertheless they're still good.
With Icon Shop all icons come in 4 styles: Line, Glyph, Filled Line & Flat! Each style is individually made and has the same symbol but a reworked version with special attention to detail.
Always a problem when wanting to do a higher fidelity mockup. Looking forward to playing with this!
@josevieitez Precisely. On the search pages the thumbnails are 128x128px. On the icon page the thumbnail is 256x256px. Simply drag and drop if you want to try in mockups. If you want to tinker with it download the vector files. You can also check our Icon License here: https://freeiconshop.com/license/ The same applies to both Free & Paid icons. Use em how you like.
@zeeshanmac This is pretty cool mate, good luck. I will add this to AllTheFreeStock.
@saijo_george Thanks. That'd be awesome.
Simple, clean interface and super easy to search! love it! cheers
@thisdickie Glad you like it. Hundreds more icons uploaded every week. Stay tuned.