Icon cutter

Generate resized app icons for iOS and Android

Icon cutter is a tool for anyone to slice icon into all sizes required for iOS and Android.
Saish Sankhe
  • Saish Sankhe
    Saish SankheCo-Founder, ScrapeNext

    Super simple and does what it needs to do without any hassle.



    Visit the website and you'll find single page website for doing what it has promised. Great work and very helpful. :)

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Hi PH community! I'm iOS developer and always want to try learning some web technology and here we are. My first little tool to scratch my own itch. I know there are some similar tools out there, but my main purpose is to learn, so feedback and comments are very welcome.
@sarunw very useful, thanks for sharing this ;)
Add ability to slice down any size images to 1x 2x 3x