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Hi Josip! How did you curate and choose which advisors are allowed to participate on your platform?
@nickabouzeid, hi! You are referring to the experts, right? Even if we reject about half of the applications, we still believe that anyone can join as long as they invest some time into providing good enough description about their past experiences and previous career achievements. This is important for us, because we will soon sort them - it won't be just one big simple list like now. In the near future, our platform will allow anyone to join with no restriction and they will be able build up their rank to achieve the expert title; which will put more (or less) weight on their ratings. We have some simple version of this idea already implemented (weighted ratings). The initial list of experts was created at the ICO Hypethon event last month in Saint-Petersburg, Russia when we had a chance to speak to some them in person and they also rated ICOs in real-time for our platform. We got some insights on how they (experts) think and many suggestions on how to apply their experience and knowledge onto our platform and to improve our overall rating methodology.
With all the ICO chatter about scams, regulation and all that jazz... it's good to see some platforms trying to provide information around the Token generating events. ICObench uses reviews from their own trusted 'experts' which you can seehere. It's important that you can see their social pages to determine who may or may not be credible. But what determines whether someone can become an expert on this platfor? Is this transparent enough? I'm thinking of something in this space too but early solutions are likely to be a poor experience - so I'll keep on experimenting. This is one of the better attempts I've seen so far. Relevant mini-tweetstorm from @cburniske here
86 upcoming ICOs, 128 ongoing ICOs, 114 finished ICOs should be links
@dimitarnestorov Yep, it is on to-do. Thanks! Edit: links should be up any minute now.
Angel List + Crunchbase for ICO's. Just needs some Pumpkin Spice.