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telegram bot that will get answers from real doctors

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Telegram a Doctor makes it super easy for you to get expert medical advice. I'm starting to see a lot of these types of bots over the last few weeks.
@erictwillis Thanks a lot, Eric :)
Well done guys. Sounds like an amazingly useful product. @dhruvakumar Can you please tell us more about the source of the advice and how you get these?
@mossibat Thanks a lot. :). Well. We are a Tele-health portal called www.icliniq.com and have 800+ trained doctors to answer health queries. The telegram bot is another way to access our doctors.
@dhruvakumar - Please contact me alex@heartin.net .We can bring to customers very cheap ECG devices together, to check their heart anywhere. In cardiology, nothing doctor can tell to user without hardware​.
@alexvinogradov4 - Hi Alex. Sounds interesting. I ll get in touch with you.
How about getting a second opinion for any of your health queries just like texting a friend ? And that too on an existing app? That's the whole idea behind iCliniq on telegram. Just add @icliniqbot and the bot will guide you. What is icliniq? icliniq.com is a second opinion platform with user base across 160 countries. We have doctors across 70+ specialities who are specially trained to be Tele-health savvy. Our intelligent doctor recommendation system seamlessly chooses the best doctor to answer your health issue. The data is all private and secure. We request your feedback to enhance the product experience and treatment experience.
@dhruvakumar are they certified doctors and how to get a prescription for a drug?
@visualwatermark - Hi Ivan, Thank you for asking. :) Of course. All our doctors are certified. We have a stringent verification policy and an even more stringent profile activation(depends on their quality) policy. Every doctor is guided in every step at icliniq by our internal team of moderators to provide the relevant and apt answers for health queries. Just click on this link to see how our answers are ---> https://www.icliniq.com/qa/medic... We do not provide prescriptions as we are a second opinion platform for now.