Get medical second opinion on #slack from real doctors

iCliniq is an online medical second opinion platform with more than 2500 doctors from 80+ medical specialities. iCliniq solved more than 700,000 health queries about various ailments of users from 160+ countries.

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Hi Dhruv, how are you guys HIPAA compliant? As far as I can tell, Slack isn't HIPAA compliant: https://twitter.com/SlackHQ/stat... Disclaimer: I'm the founder of http://accountablehq.com so I know a bit about HIPAA.
@kevinleehenry also my question as well. curious to see if @dhruvakumar's solution is skirting the regulation by having it as just a "second opinion" versus medical advice
@kevinleehenry Hi Kevin. I have already replied to you but put it as a separate comment. 😄
@m1lesv Not at all, Miles. In fact we are in the process of becoming HIPAA compliant as a platform and working to get fully HIPAA compliant.
@m1lesv @kevinleehenry AFAICT it isn't HIPAA-compliant for the same reason First Opinion isn't: neither the company nor the doctors are based in the U.S.
@thetylerhayes You got the point Tyler. Our processes are secure. By meaning on working to be HIPAA compliant, I meant registering a US company and getting only US doctors. It's for people who want such a thing.
Slack is definitively becoming a platform that will centralize a lot of interactions with other applications. But I always thought that those interactions will be "work" related. A bot to do expenses (Birdly,https://www.getbirdly.com/), one to do scrum, one for support or one for calls (http://ottspott.co/). I got the feeling that medical advice should not be linked to your work environment. So, do people use Slack personally? would not be more appropriate to have integration on Facebook, Whatsapp or Telegram which are more personal. Even an Amazon echo.
@picsoung I'm wondering this as well. Is Icliniq available otherwise? I wouldn't use it in Slack but I would perhaps through Facebook.
@marygreenim @picsoung Hi Mary. You can access it on icliniq.com. And our slack app works through the slackbot. Your admin cannot see it and only you can see it. Its hundred percent safe. :)
@picsoung I actually think this makes some sense in Slack, if only it's also partnered with your HR/insurance management platform. Even that's still a bit of a stretch, but if Slack has all your employee data including your insurance # and more... I could see it for some people. Still, I think most people would prefer for it to be the other way around: a separate experience that links with your company's HR backend, like Zenefits.
@thetylerhayes That's a neat idea , Tyler. Thank you. We are going to see how we can build on zenefits.
@picsoung I see it working as well. If I would be an employee, it really would feel good that the business gives me a feature for medical support.
The idea to make an app on slack to access icliniq's medical second opinion services is based on the belief that "messaging app as a platform" is the future. Slack is more than an app and essentially a community. We have been rated as the 5th best telemedicine company in the world by Healthline -- > http://www.healthline.com/health... We are happy to launch on slack now. We are looking forward to get your comments and feedbacks. :)
How will you plan to handle volume when you scale? @dhruvakumar @antorobin I think there are going to be a lot more Slack based startups... especially with the introduction of the Slack Platform Launch. Medicine is a great one to dive into as I feel that many people may google their symptoms and will unfortunately read a lot of information which is worst-case scenario... it is good to provide the human touch on the other end... Just concerned that when it scales it may be like a real waiting room, waiting hours to be spoken to! (although it would be more acceptable on Slack than in a waiting room!)
@bentossell Hi Ben, Thank you for the question. We are already handling large volumes through our existing platform icliniq.com. So far we have solved more than 100,000 health issues with more than 1000 doctors on icliniq replying to second opinions. Our typical response time for doctor reply is less than 4 hours. We have an algorithm to make sure queries do not stay unanswered for a long time. Also we have an internal moderation team round the clock to optimise the delivery of second opinions. The idea with slack is to provide access to teams, probably we can say our slack doctor is for enterprise.:)
@dhruvakumar what is the average response time? How many people get answered per day? How do you plan on handling 1,000,000 queries :)
@bentossell Oops. I just edited about the response time on my previous reply. In this month, our average queries has been around 500. Getting doctors on board is easy for us as we have a separate team working on it. And also, every doctor is given a simulated query before they answer a live question. We constantly rate our doctors to check their quality. :) A typical question and answer will be like this ---> https://www.icliniq.com/qa/medic...
@dhruvakumar yeah I was going to ask... can patients rate the doctors, uber-style?
@bentossell Yes, They can. If their rating goes below 4, we block queries to them for a day and do an enquiry where we suggest them how can they improve. If they are not good even after that, we suspend them. Uber-style again :)
Hi Nicolas, The idea for Slackdoctor came from our own team's use of medical advice needs through slack. :) We realised its an ideal perk for any team especially for start-ups. Trust me. Its a brilliant experience to get access to a doctor right from your slackbot. Also no one can see the conversations you have on slackbot. And we actually previously did iCliniq on whatsapp. We got banned by whatsapp but came back on Telegram which got hunted here on PH and is used by lot of people now. --> http://icliniq.com/telegram/index