Mac app that notifies you when your iPhone battery is low

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When I saw it on PH, it reminds that I need to recharge my phone now. pretty useful even before downloading it :D
@ah_saad1 ahaha! Thanks, Ahmed. You better charge :P
I can't express enough how much I find this application useful for me. I am always on my Mac, and sometimes I totally forget about my iPhone until I really need it and ... DEAD! thanks, fellas :)
@alybadawy so glad to hear such feedback :) Thank you!
Woot! We're really excited to be on PH again. The app is free for life and we do try to implement new feature, so let us know if you have any cool ideas that would improve iBetterCharge. We have a nice little demo video on the product page that shows an ideal situation where iBetterCharge can come in use :-) And just a heads up — windows users might have a few issues simply because we use iTunes we use iTunes wifi sync, and we all know that iTunes doesn't work as "good" as we'd want it to be.
Good stuff guys, good stuff! Long live brilliant brains!
@alex_tsepko Amen to that, Alex :P Thank you for the kind words!
Hi Product Hunters! First off, we're happy to be on Product Hunt for the 2nd time. And this time we're introducing iBetterCharge, which puts iPhone & iPad battery notifications on your Mac & Windows desktop. The idea behind it was simple. We all know that those 20% and 10% battery warnings on our iPhones and iPads are saviors – no doubt. But. What if we also had them on our Mac or Windows? The way it works is pretty straightforward – iBetterCharge communicates with your device via iTunes Wi‐Fi Sync(using the data which iTunes itself gathers). iBetterCharge does not install anything on your iOS device. Therefore, there is no way the application affects the battery of the iOS device. We know that this is a perfect problem solver. And even though it was around for a while, we still think that it's he ultimate utility for keeping your battery alive 24/7. Or at least try :) There's no price tags on it. No 3rd party ads. It's very simple to use. And it's FREE. If there's any questions you guys have – please leave em' here. I'll be sure to answer them as detailed as possible.
@joshsoftorino This looks like a great product, but it's ironic considering you also make Waltr that it requires iTunes Sync! It makes perfect sense, from an engineering perspective, but I've not trusted iTunes to manage my devices for years.
@edlea Thanks for the feedback, Ed! Yes, it is kind of ironic :) But, we had the idea of iBetterCharge before WALTR, and if you do use WALTR, you can simply turn off automatic syncing and have manually manage option enabled. This will prevent it from syncing your device when it's near. P.S. It's really awesome that you're aware of WALTR as well.