iA Writer 2.0

Don't get distracted. Focus on what you are writing.

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Martin Bavio
Martin BavioHunter@mbavio · Full Stack Designer
Based on comments from @iA itself, it is practically a new app. Looks amazing.
jonathan@pomajp · founder/ceo, rocketcode.io
I've always loved iA Writer, but when they released Writer Pro, I went all in, figuring that *was* the version 2.0 of iA. Now...I'm just confused.
Martin Bavio
Martin BavioHunter@mbavio · Full Stack Designer
@pomajp Seems like this is 2.0 of iA Writer for iOS. Now I'm confussed too. Oh, version numbers...
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I've heard great things about this but I'm more than happy with Draft.
Thomas Knoll
Thomas Knoll@thomasknoll · COO @ Revelry.co
@rrhoover +1 for Draft on iOS. On the mac I love *love* WriteRoom
Jon Lax
Jon Lax@jlax · Product Design Director Facebook
I've used Writer Pro for a while. I really love it for what it does, distraction free writing. But I find it incredibly buggy. It beach balls a lot.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis@matdvs · Experience Innovation - NIKE
I use IA Writer more than any other software that's not a browser. It channels something I learned about my brain in my intellectual pre-dawn with a blank sheet of paper and pencil, or later with a beat up Royal Quiet Deluxe. I'm retraining myself to work without constantly researching myself or being sidelined with nonsense, though occasion ally moving from place to place, and between a big screen and small. A product for writers, or thinkers who write, or sketchers who also write.