An office noise generator - providing users with the soothing/irritating tones of modern office life to help people focus and feel normal while working form home.
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I love this! Big fan of anything ambient noise related and the idea of having the variable number of colleagues is great. I think it would be cool if the different "things" placed around the office would turn themselves on every once in a while without clicks.
@just2jays I thought about this suggestion too.
@just2jays Looking into it now, thanks for the suggestion
That chewing sound is annoying :D
That loud whistling is so annoying lol The option to configure the number of collegues is cool, I got stuck watching all these circles and squares because they are hypnotizing hehe
For the last couple of weeks I have started working from home. It is cozy here but sometimes it can be terribly silent as well. Some of my colleagues felt the same way: the weird feeling of missing the office in all it’s sensorial ways. The inspiration you get from seeing others work, the feeling of coming into to your office and knowing your work day started or the hum of active that keeps you motivated. As we had some extra time on our hands (thank you Covid), we stared to create. After some ideation we realised that we would not able bring the touch or smell of the office to our homes. So we focused on the sounds instead and created a website where you can immerse yourself in the noises of the office. The result is, an office noise generator - providing you with the soothing tones of modern office life to help you focus when working from home.
@fred_wordie The chair sounds have a terrible mind piercing constant 18k-19khz tone in the audio file. Sounds a bit like an old tube TV but more harsh. Outside of that this is a cool concept. I'd love for the sounds to be a bit more spacial. Currently they all sound like my ear is right on top of the source. Would be cool if you could set your position in the office and the sounds would respond accordingly.
Love the minimal, isometric design, @fred_wordie. 👏🏼
@rrhoover can't take all the credit, but thanks