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Hi everyone! I am one of the cofounders at Hyphen. First I’d like to thank @marccrouch for hunting us. Our team is really excited to be on Product Hunt! Honestly it was quite a surprise for us to scroll down PH today to find our product here :O We built Hyphen for teams to communicate quickly with people outside their company (other teams and individuals). Our unique feature is the team account - it allows you to create a permanent place for your team to be reached by anyone at all times. This way, teams can talk to other teams (outside their company) really easily! You can try chatting with our team directly by signing up with Hyphen, or create one for your team. I’ll be here if you have any questions, looking forward to your comments!
A nice alternative to Slack for communicating with external stakeholders. Nicely designed, and a definite need in the market since Glip went downhill. Having run an agency myself, this kind of slick product is very helpful.
@marccrouch Curious to know what makes you think Glip went downhill?
@ajaffarali we used it at my agency and it was great at first but then performance issues made the whole suite unusable, so we gave up and moved to Slack for internal, and email with a CRM for external. But I did like the idea of being able to chat to clients through the chat app, and clients seemed to enjoy it too.
@marccrouch I still actively use Glip, works fine still. But this does seem like a nice new app to check out as well.
Curious to play with this. Slack supports external, private chat but it's a bit clunky to setup beyond a few people.
@rrhoover Would love to know any thoughts or opinions you have on this!
This certainly looks interesting. Looking for a good opportunity to try this now!
@johnsteerfowler great to hear! Please let me know if you have any further questions here or in the app!
Your UI is awesome. will try it on my company :)
@verkalets glad that you like the UI, and thanks for testing our app out :)