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Probably the best looking bot product shots to date — nice work HYPEBEAST!
@chrismessina yaaaaassss - love Hypebeast I do think the bot could do with a lot of work though - the product shots put me in a false sense of thinking it would all be awesome haha - it seems a little basic at the moment
@bentossell agreed. It's just like an RSS feed of recent posts. There are too many posts in each update too IMO.
@chrismessina Yeah I saw that on the update I was sent. I clicked one story which took me to a post that said about a new collection coming out in a few weeks.... I really liked the sneakers... wish I could be notified via the bot of things like that being released
Liked it! Wish there was a easier way to return to main menu instead of typing "Menu" every time
UGH! The bot won't leave me alone. Every.single.bot. should have an easy way to "quit", "unsubscribe" ,"exit", "end this nightmare", "stop sending me links", "unlike" etc.
@sarah_nadav just go to the options and mute/turn off notifications. Or, block it.
@chrismessina I just turned off the notifications. I'm testing out as many as I can find because my startup is building one and building in an "easy out" I now see is crucial