Hype Machine to Spotify

Move your Hype Machine favorites to Spotify

#4 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2016
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wowowow I've been looking for this πŸ‘ Would love more than 200 results. Still, biggest issue is the remixes that I find via Hypem that aren't in Spotify. But big fan otherwise. @ADhuna How'd you build this?
@andrewett @adhuna Were you able to do this because of the Dubset move by Spotify and Apple?
@allthingsmarco @andrewett nope, tbh not sure what Dubset is
@andrewett Not sure why the 200 limit is there, I was blocked from using the API earlier, so I'm (pleasantly) surprised I can even get that now. Earlier I was able to get all one's favorites, so maybe that will come back at some point.
@andrewett @adhuna Cool tool, but I think Andrew underscores the main point here: "..remixes I find via Hypem that aren't in Spotify." Truthfully, it all comes back to the licensing issue again and again. Interesting tools like this can continue to be built, but as far as I can see, it's like building a bridge between two closed border crossings. The infrastructure may be there, but there's little incentive for the crossings to open if they're not legally structured to mesh. In many ways, this highlights the problem with the walled-garden strategy. The nature of music (as well as all art) is to be shared, and it's in our nature to continue to find new ways to share it and interact with it. In constructing artificial walls, we simply prolong the inevitable process of finding new ways to scale and overcome them. And in an era where music and tech are constantly evolving together, I think it's only nature for tools like this to continue to pop up. All that said, great job Aakash!
Hi Aakash! Seriously awesome tool you have made here. Are you planning to allow a greater search than just 200 results? I have over 1000+ favourites and would like to export this list into Spotify. I personally would love to have an index of my entire list of Hype Machine favourites or even a monitoring tool that adds new likes to the playlist in Spotify. I would happily pay a subscription to such a service, particularly since you now need a SoundCloud subscription to use Hype Machine with Sonos. Any plans to add these features?
@horsthuis Hey Nick, a couple of weeks ago I was able to get all your favorites, but I think I'm being limited by the HypeM API now, so 200 might be the max unless something changes. And I have no plans to add any more features at the moment, mostly just built the site to familiarize myself with Google App Engine, and I think I'll probably be fully blocked soon anyways :( Also thanks for submitting this, glad someone else found it useful!
Slick. On a related note, Plug is how I listen to Hype Machine.
@rrhoover Thanks for the... (I'll see myself out now). Diggin' the app, I've always struggled to listen to HypeMachine in my browser at work.
I've done the chrome extension for the same process but for Vkontakte(it's the clone of Facebook, you know) a few years ago. If someone is interested, please ping me.
@unforbiddenyet @adhuna it'd be great to have 'Hype Machine to SoundCloud'.
The Hype Machine provides the links to the SoundCloud on all tracks. I found the SC the better option to store my favorites rather than Spotify.