Hype Machine to Spotify

Move your Hype Machine favorites to Spotify

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Aakash Dhuna
@adhuna · Founder, Dhuna Media
Haha wow didn't expect to see this show up on Product Hunt, afraid I have some bad news.. looks like my API access will probably be cut off shortly, so don't upvote this too much! As for how I built it, Hype Machine has a public API that you can use to return a list of all the favorites for a particular username, and Spotify also has a public API that you c… See more


Andrew Ettinger
@andrewett · Product Marketing, Twitter (ex-PH)
wowowow I've been looking for this 👏 Would love more than 200 results. Still, biggest issue is the remixes that I find via Hypem that aren't in Spotify. But big fan otherwise. @ADhuna How'd you build this?
Nick Horsthuis
Hi Aakash! Seriously awesome tool you have made here. Are you planning to allow a greater search than just 200 results? I have over 1000+ favourites and would like to export this list into Spotify. I personally would love to have an index of my entire list of Hype Machine favourites or even a monitoring tool that adds new likes to the playlist in Spotify. … See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Slick. On a related note, Plug is how I listen to Hype Machine.
Di Falafel
@unforbiddenyet · Creative Technologist.Write Sci-Fi novel
I've done the chrome extension for the same process but for Vkontakte(it's the clone of Facebook, you know) a few years ago. If someone is interested, please ping me.
Di Falafel
@unforbiddenyet · Creative Technologist.Write Sci-Fi novel
The Hype Machine provides the links to the SoundCloud on all tracks. I found the SC the better option to store my favorites rather than Spotify.