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Free, instant, scalable, blockchain-based 2FA security


Hydro is a blockchain-based identity management app. The app's current phase, Raindrop, offers users a blockchain-based 2FA protocol. Later phases include identity management and document signing blockchain functionality.

**Please reach out if you are interested in implementing blockchain 2FA on your website! anurag@hydrogenplatform.com**

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  • Pros: 

    one of the best blockchain project


    new project

    non ico project that strong community support. Hard working team. project with huge protential, building financial web 3.0 . one of main projecr now is 2fa and already have partnership with several companies.

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  • Bryan-rhein Tumalac
    Bryan-rhein TumalacConstruction worker

    Very excellent project and dev team


    New coin for new life #HYDRO the best ever

    I wont asked for the best for this project becuase it excellent thanks for the dev team of #HYDRO you give us new life hope new life and excellent future

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  • Mohammad Hasan
    Mohammad HasanSenior Accounts Officer

    Great community with great support. One of the best and promising projects out there. Hydro is for developers and they are certainly rocking


    They need to ensure creativity work going on with full speed, which they are lacking atm. I would really love to see this project grow!

    This project was built to help developers which is amazing IMO. There is many project focused on car, oil, etc etc maybe just to make sense to investors and make some quick buck. But Hydro is absolutely different from all those. I

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  • Pros: 

    Seed Support



    Now in Google Authenticator If i switch phone then i'll have to re-enter all the secret code and if i didn't save all codes from all the websites then You probably lost access to that site or appbut in Hydro Authenticator there's a mechanism to generate seed called backup so, its pretty easy

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  • Pros: 

    The best project I've ever seen



    Hydrogen is building the global financial platform of the Web 3.0. To enable Hydrogen to augment its APIs with decentralized blockchain functionality, Project Hydro was founded. Hydro launched an ERC-20 token in order to build the necessary functionality to close the gap between public blockchains and real-world businesses. Hydro enables new and existing private systems to seamlessly integrate and leverage the immutable & transparent dynamics of a public blockchain to enhance application and document security, identity management, transactions, and artificial .

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  • Niño Sollirag Sollabec
    Niño Sollirag SollabecCrypto All over the World

    Good for Newbie


    Not for android user

    This project is awesome I like it to be more popular in other sites.

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  • Leandark
    LeandarkElectronic engineer

    Usefull, safe, fast.


    Phone needs Batterie to stay ON while not plugged in.

    This autentificator will soon be used to authorise your access on every fintech platform in the world.

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  • Sergiu
    SergiuExecutive Director

    one of the most legit program


    new pro

    never used before , really usefful

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  • Pros: 

    great project.


    security awesome.

    big thing to have.

    Boi John Velasquez has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Best Project


    Best of The Best

    This Project And TEAM never Fail to amaze me. Always ahead of schedule. So much potential.

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  • Pros: 

    Great project


    Good product

    What a Wonderful world of Hydro 2FA.

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  • Rana Dheer
    Rana DheerCrypto Investor and Technical Architect

    Really Usefull to Manage the Crypto Assets


    It is too early for a new Product

    This Product is Unique in Block Chain world and one of the Must Have

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  • Pros: 

    This product is the best


    Please consider

    This product is awesome and very helpful.The dev are fantastic.

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  • Obeya Augustine
    Obeya AugustineCrypto Enthausiatic

    Great project


    Best app ever

    I am enjoying this app

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  • Pros: 

    Excellent app. Stable. Best 2FA


    interface can be improved

    A blockchain based 2FA app. Revolutionary product.

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  • Da$H
    Da$HCeo ThinkBridge, WMX

    Very exciting project , great team, amazing products and a beautiful community.as far as assets go, this is one of them beauties


    Absolutely non whatsoever

    No ICO for this project yet has moved up the ranks on coinmarket cap and it has a strong and large userbase. And team is just perfect!

    Da$H has used this product for one month.
  • esportfan
    esportfanCTO, Esports

    Interesting Tech and a good MVP (2FA on Blockchain)


    Not yet public what the fintech partners are

    Dev team seems competent enough to make this happen. They are a crypto project that did not do an ICO.

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  • Pros: 

    Enhance security by a great margin


    none for now

    Good project that gonna be used a lot for authentication

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    MARIA SHIELA cryptopreneur





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  • tuannhd

    This project and dev team is really good, i think it will move so far



    You should not miss this project

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