Hydro Mobile App

Free, instant, scalable, blockchain-based 2FA security

Hydro is a blockchain-based identity management app. The app's current phase, Raindrop, offers users a blockchain-based 2FA protocol. Later phases include identity management and document signing blockchain functionality.

**Please reach out if you are interested in implementing blockchain 2FA on your website! anurag@hydrogenplatform.com**

  • Pros: 

    one of the best blockchain project


    new project

    non ico project that strong community support. Hard working team. project with huge protential, building financial web 3.0 . one of main projecr now is 2fa and already have partnership with several companies.

    Bitwitch08 has used this product for one month.
  • Bryan-rhein Tumalac
    Bryan-rhein TumalacConstruction worker

    Very excellent project and dev team


    New coin for new life #HYDRO the best ever

    I wont asked for the best for this project becuase it excellent thanks for the dev team of #HYDRO you give us new life hope new life and excellent future

    Bryan-rhein Tumalac has used this product for one year.
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Alessio Fanelli
Alessio Fanelli@fanahova · Sports fan + Engineer @ 645 Ventures.
What's up with the vote manipulation in here lol looks like a bunch of bots
Anurag Angara
Anurag AngaraMakerHiring@anuragangara · Blockchain Product Manager at Hydrogen
@fanahova no bots - we shared the product hunt link with our very active telegram community of about 6500 members
Anurag Angara
Anurag AngaraMakerHiring@anuragangara · Blockchain Product Manager at Hydrogen
@fanahova Here's the link to our telegram page! https://t.me/projecthydro
Ron ERC20
Ron ERC20@ronerc2001
@fanahova LOL We are One As Hydro. No need for bot 🖒🖒🖒
FimDoMundo@stevetsteves · HYDROGEN!
@fanahova we are a very united community !! Correct the veins .. no bot!
Bilal Kandoth
Bilal Kandoth@bilal_kandoth
@fanahova no need of bot we have a full time active community
Hoang Minh Thu
Hoang Minh Thu@hoangminhthu12
Very good !
Bryan-rhein Tumalac
Bryan-rhein Tumalac@bryan_rhein_tumalac · Construction worker
Best 2fa ever its great
Hakan Bora
Hakan Bora@hakan_bora
We are looking forward #hydro #2FA
it will be coll))