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Francesco Napoletano@napolux · Web && iOS dev
Why the hell you always have to ask for confirmation? You're proposing preselected values! :)
Dhruba Adhikari@acpmasquerade · Product Director, Picovico
@napolux Exactly. Also I felt like too many questions. There should have been other way round like show few results and ask more questions before making more suggestions.
Francesco Napoletano@napolux · Web && iOS dev
@acpmasquerade a bot IMHO is about conversation. The smoother, the better. That's not a bot. That's just a wizard disguised as a bot :-)
Shawn TannorMaker@gqrizzy · Founder, Huthunt
@napolux @acpmasquerade Hey Guys! You were both actually able to chat with the bot a bit before we were able to chat with the bot a little earlier than we intended to make it public. With respect to the confirmation, we were running an A/B testing session to compare ease in conversation flow. We've opted to remove confirmations :) As far as the "too many questions" comment-- we essentially mirrored a process that already exists on our iOS app. People looking for a roommate typically want to know as much as they can about potential matches before they speak to them. As we continue to grow, and better understand how users interact with our product we'll trim down the questions where necessary. I'd love to hear both of your suggestions via email ( @acpmasquerade I see that you've already emailed me-- thank you! I'll get back to you asap.
Andrew Gale@andrewgale · Founder
Shawn TannorMaker@gqrizzy · Founder, Huthunt
Hey Product Hunt! We’re super excited to share our latest product with you! Our team put together this bot to make the process of finding a roommate as seamless as possible while maintaining our commitment to safety and transparency. Using our bot, you answer a few questions so we can match you with the best possible roommate options, review your matches (folks you’ve accepted who have accepted you) and chat with them all through the bot! Here are a few quick things to note: -This is the first iteration of the bot, and will likely have many updates in the coming days, so we would love to hear your feedback. - We are considering a few other uses for the bot, and should add a bit more functionality as we start to better understand user activity patterns. If you have any comments or issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at . Any feedback is always appreciated! (Thanks for hunting us, Eric!!)