The whiteboard laptop case


HustleCase is a laptop case with a built-in whiteboard. Snap on, draw & wipe. Whiteboard anywhere ✍️ 💻 ✈️

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Waqas Ali
Haneef Ghanim
Aaron Rau
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  • Aaron Rau
    Aaron RauAspiring Entrepreneur, Coder, Designer

    Way better then a napkin for those client meetings. Great for explaining complex ideas to someone 1:1.


    v1.0 not very high quality. Mine had couple of air bubbles and bumps. The corner edges seems like it was pealing off.

    I thought the cover was painted with the white boarding material vs a large whiteboard sticker film. Mistaken it for a plastic protective coating at first and accidentally pealed off one edge.

    Aaron Rau has used this product for one week.
  • Valentin Staykov
    Valentin StaykovCEO, Pastel

    Great for getting down ideas quickly

    Perfect for meetings



    HustleCase is great! I always have my laptop with me but don't always carry a notebook. While typing in a document works for some things, writing and drawing are way better for getting down new ideas or collaboratively discussing things in a meeting. The fact that I find myself mindlessly doodling on it sometimes is just a plus :)

    Valentin Staykov has used this product for one month.
  • Ahmad Iqbal
    Ahmad IqbalBuilding Ecommerce Applications

    I love how easy it is to install. It just clips on and clips off really easily


    it would be cool to have some pen case to hold the marker

    I've used this product for about 3 months now. I love having the option to write whenever I need when there is no paper/whiteboard around the office or coffee shop.

    Ahmad Iqbal has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    It's simple, reliable, minimalistic yet effective


    Use high quality markers with this product

    I'm a visual thinker so when I can map out my plans and thoughts on the go, it makes my day easier and my day more efficient. I prefer to write by hand and writing with notes can get chaotic. I love the feeling you get when you wipe your slate clear and start fresh. Very zen.

    Emily Pogorzelski has used this product for one month.
  • Roya Ramezani
    Roya RamezaniYork University

    best tool to quickly draw your concepts and show colleagues in meetings


    I wish I could add my name to customize it

    This is one of the best tools creatives could have! It's very easy to install And lightweight. I always forget to carry my notepad and need to draw things in meetings, this is when I thank the hustle case team because I always have my laptop with me which means always have a way to share my thoughts! best product ever!

    Roya Ramezani has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    This is the best thing next to having a notebook. I love drawing my scenes that I'm going to shoot on the go!


    No cons.

    This is great product to have if your in the creative industry. I love using this to draw light setups to show my crew so they know where to set the lights for the next scene. The case wipes clean and it catches people's attention when I walk around with it.

    Arjun Mano has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to illustrate ideas either in a group environment/for yourself. Installing easy that helps being on the go. Whiteboard everywhere!



    I have had the pleasure of using and testing this product and the ability to have a whiteboard wherever you go is amazing. The aesthetic is slick, and minimalist in itself - definitely gets people talking because it's super intuitive. How has no one thought of this sooner? A++ would definitely recommend it anywhere I go.

    Kumaa Abd has used this product for one month.
  • Owen Osinde
    Owen OsindeFounder & CEO, Sneakerdeck

    I love this! I don't have to take out my notebook every time I want to write down ideas.


    More colours would be cool

    Great accessory for creatives!

    Owen Osinde has used this product for one day.
  • Mimi Vuong
    Mimi VuongDirector & Designer

    Absolutely love how it keeps my MacBook looking pristine and fresh. I've been using this more vs my notebook lately.



    Damn, can't wait to see HustleCase's promo video. ;)

    Mimi Vuong has used this product for one week.
  • Jonathan Grana
    Jonathan GranaFounder of

    Hustle case is amazing for quickly conveying a complex idea when you're not nearby a whiteboard


    It makes people jealous of how much you hustle

    I use hustlecase to quickly sketch out new feature ideas, or workflow complex backend problems.

    Jonathan Grana has used this product for one year.
  • Marcelo Ventura
    Marcelo VenturaEconomist and Data Scientist





    Shipping (MacBook Air - Brazil)

    Awesome and good product. Awesome to explain ideas and really useful.

    Marcelo Ventura has used this product for one day.
  • Ria Kim
    Ria KimStudent

    So convenient


    Easier and clean erasing recommended

    Great product

    Ria Kim has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Whiteboard + laptop = magic


    Price seems too high

    I have this for my mac, but it's a sticker I bought on amazon for $2, why is this better / worth 15x more?

    Savy Brandt has never used this product.