HustleCase is a laptop case with a built-in whiteboard. Snap on, draw & wipe. Whiteboard anywhere ✍️ πŸ’» ✈️

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Hi everyone! I’m Aloke, one of the makers of HustleCase - the whiteboard laptop case. HustleCase was designed to help anyone better share their ideas, sketch on-the-go, and communicate better. Super excited to share this with you. Our goal at HustleCase is to build tools that serve the future remote workforce as well as inspire everyone to become better visually communicators and entrepreneurs. We weren’t always near a whiteboard (what we normally use in the office) so the idea of a portable laptop made sense. The fact that it could sleekly fit on our MacBooks. We have found HustleCase to be great for: Wireframing Prototyping Drawing Sketching To-do lists Diagramming Sitemapping Notes Anything else you can come up with ;) πŸ™ As a thank you to the Product Hunt community, use discount code: 'producthunt' for 20% off your order. Looking forward to your feedback. :)
@alokepillai love this. Well done
@alokepillai Sadly the discount code doesn't work. Looks like a groovy product though πŸ‘
@seriousallie Hi Allie! Oh no - Msging you now :)
I love a good whiteboard session and this is a great way to have them anywhere
@ericfriedman Whiteboard anywhere :)
Clever idea πŸ‘ A trade over laptop stickers. But like a new sticker, a new whiteboard design on your laptop peaks the curiosity of your coworkers.
@josephjguerra Thanks Joseph! We know there are a lot of laptop sticker aficionados and the idea of using the whiteboard while using the whiteboard was handy to us, so an actual laptop case over a decal made a lot of sense.

Great accessory for creatives!


I love this! I don't have to take out my notebook every time I want to write down ideas.


More colours would be cool

Thanks Owen! We'll be having more designs and styles soon. Stay tuned! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
I'm a whiteboard addict so this one is a no brainer! Such a smart idea. Congrats on shipping this @alokepillai πŸ™Œ
@robjama Thanks for hunting us, Robleh!