Huntr for mobile helps you browse your favorite job sites without having to repeat the same search again and again. Search once and switch between sites with a single tap. Store jobs from any site into your Huntr board in seconds and keep every detail about your job opportunities at the palm of your hand.

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Hey guys, Rennie from Huntr here! About a year ago I launched Huntr: A kanban board for your job applications. Since then, tens of thousands of job seekers have used the Huntr web app to organize and track hundreds of thousands of jobs 🙌 More than ever before, users are turning to their phones during their job hunt. The problem with mobile job searching, as with the job search ecosystem in general, is that opportunities are segmented across dozens of job boards, aggregators, and career sites. This leaves job seekers with the tedious task of discovering the best sites to use for their search, and then repeating the same search for every site. The result is a bad search experience and job opportunities siloed in multiple platforms. Today I’d like to introduce Huntr for iOS and Android. Besides extending all of Huntr’s web functionalities to mobile, the app lets you browse your favorite job search sites from one app; it’s like a mobile browser for job hunting. Just enter a keyword and location from the top bar, and switch between job sites with one tap. When you’ve found a job post you want to keep, just tap Save Job and it’s added to your Huntr board. The app also makes it easy to organize your job search, letting you: -Move opportunities onto new stages -Track application, interview and offer dates -Add tasks with deadlines, like following up, or preparing for interviews -Add notes Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers, Rennie

This is the best job search manager I've work with so far. Keep it up Rennie! Thanks for the this great idea!


Neat and nice UI

All job ads and applications in one place

Customisable cards to identify favourites easily



I love using Huntr and have been using the web version. Adding the functionality to search from different job sites from your mobile is a smart move. Congrats on your launch!
@angeliquesocial Thanks! Appreciate the support :)
Huntr is amazing. Used it for my recent job search. It's so easy to forget what you've applied to if you don't have something like it.
Rennie is amazing! Great job