Ground control for your job search. Huntr keeps track of every detail about your job opportunities - notes, dates, tasks, job descriptions, salaries, locations, company data and more.

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Interesting, but why not just use trello and create a job applications board there? Maybe I missed something here that makes Huntr better?
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@joelischka Thanks for your question. For now the key differences are the job focused modelling of the card, the ability to pre populate company data, and our Chrome extension, where you can add a ton of job related information when creating a new entry, as opposed to just a card title and description. The focus for the next few months is to make this job specific feature list even bigger.
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@joelischka You can write it on paper too, scrible it on a wall, write it with chalkboard, all of those are options dude. It's about focus.
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@rennie_haylock it would be nice if you could have a section/feature for storing Resumes in HTML or PDF and/or job hunt card related attachments
@edinvejzovic You're right of course, but Huntr looks and feels a lot like Trello. :)
@joelischka @edinvejzovic True, but if I was looking for a job right now, I would use this over Trello. In the same way I'd buy one specific pair of headphones over another :)
Hello Product Hunt! Rennie from Huntr here. A bit over a year ago I found myself back in the job market, applying to quite a few positions; enough to make it hard to keep up with. I ended up using a mix of email, calendars, and Trello to keep track of it all. It was a frustrating process. This is where the idea for Huntr was born, to build a dedicated tool for visualizing, tracking, and managing your job search. There’s many project management tools out there, but most need to be ‘hacked’ into a job search template or model, the idea behind Huntr is to offer all those things baked in; from pre populating company details to offering a Chrome extension to collect jobs from any site on the web. Thanks for the support! Would love to hear your feedback.
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If you want to find a career/job you love, it's important to be organized! (Finding a job is basically a job itself.) Usually people hack something with Trello, Google Sheets, etc. but you spend a lot of time formatting and adding contextual information. Huntr has the kanban-style layout of Trello (which is a great metaphor for the job hunt) AND automatically brings in relevant information for you (think company facts/info). The design is top-notch too. What's the long term game for Huntr? P.S. Check out the map view. It's my favorite.
@tomfme Thanks for your comment! The main focus will always be to help users find a job. There's a lot of stages and actions we go through when looking for jobs. This version of Huntr is great at the organization stage, but there's so much more including discovery, communication, preparation, visibility on the state of a submitted application, etc. I feel the more of those we can cover, the stronger the product becomes.
This is so great! As a past job hunter, I wish I had this to manage my applications. I've used Google Sheets to keep a record of every job post I applied (that went to +700 applications in 3 months), and Gmail labels to keep up with applications. But often I got lost in the middle. Some features that I suggest: - Ability to quickly search for job applications - I had +700 applications with a 20% return on phone interviews. When I got a call from an interviewer they often ask if I recall my application & job requirements (which I would always say "YES!" even if I have no idea what they are talking about). In case the interviewer wanted to do a quick phone interview right away, I needed to jump to my computer and find the job application, give it a quick read while I was on the phone. With Huntr and a feature to quickly search for company or job title, it would be way easier. - Ability to add companies out of your Database - by connecting LinkedIn (or any other source) you should be able to add companies that don't show up on your database. - Ability to add attachments - resumes sent, email conversations, etc Despite I'm happily employed I'm looking forward to using Huntr on my next job hunting!
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@drewshah1234 Thanks for the support Drew!