A Kanban board for your job applications

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@joelischka · CEO of toolani
Interesting, but why not just use trello and create a job applications board there? Maybe I missed something here that makes Huntr better?
Rennie Haylock
@rennie_haylock · Full Stack Developer at Routific
Hello Product Hunt! Rennie from Huntr here. A bit over a year ago I found myself back in the job market, applying to quite a few positions; enough to make it hard to keep up with. I ended up using a mix of email, calendars, and Trello to keep track of it all. It was a frustrating process. This is where the idea for Huntr was born, to build a dedicated tool… See more
tom meagher
@tomfme · now is good.
If you want to find a career/job you love, it's important to be organized! (Finding a job is basically a job itself.) Usually people hack something with Trello, Google Sheets, etc. but you spend a lot of time formatting and adding contextual information. Huntr has the kanban-style layout of Trello (which is a great metaphor for the job hunt) AND automatical… See more
Drew Shah
@drewshah1234 · https://mobile.twitter.com/drewshah1
I like this
Houssein Djirdeh
@hdjirdeh · JavaScript Developer
This is a great idea and I love the design feel, great work!