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The other week @csaba_kissi reached out to me on Twitter and showed me a new Product Hunt analytics project he was working on. Shared some of the preview images with the team and they loved it. Now Product Hunt Analysis is live! πŸ“ŠπŸš€
@nivo0o0 @csaba_kissi I really like the fun nature that this webapp caries. It doesn't incite competition, but allows the competitive to compete without ruining the experience for us more laid back hunters. Personally, I just love it because I'm a massive fan of all things info/data.
@tristanisham, thank you, hope you'll find something interesting there ;)
@csaba_kissi Nice work, Love it! Noticed that the no of featured posts on my Hunter Analysis profile is around 1097 while it's around 1108 on
@kwdinc thank you Kevin, Still tuning API bots. Will refresh periodically then.
Thanks for the hunt @nivo0o0! And hello everybody! I'm more than excited to be launching on PH today. Hunter Analysis started as an idea to answer the question what can be done with PH API that's really useful and valuable. The project was done as an MVP. You can find information about hunters, influencers, featured posts, upvotes, and comments (stats, trends). Feel free to ask any question :)
@idmtr Thank you Dimitar!
Hi @csaba_kissi. I'm not sure how it works. I searched my name and wasn't in the list. Now I admit that I'm not an influencer, but the people listed had 0 posts, votes, followers, following. I'm at least active on PH. I searched my colleagues @sanketsahu, @sankhadeep_roy and few more but didn't find anyone.
I do love this! (because my metrics are out of controlllll) - btw @chrismessina I ranked higher than you in 2016 on everything, same with @kwdinc - but you guys are still MVPs πŸ‘Œ 😜 Fun idea @csaba_kissi - comparison metrics.... e.g. (above) How I rank vs @imcatnoone as a hunter/community member/commenter/upvoter/etc :) Also, what determines a 'top influencer'
@bentossell You're the man Ben :)
@csaba_kissi I love the vanity metrics
fantastic work! I had actually been thinking of developing some analytics like this, to see what the most popular time that products posted was. note: I think that the site might be using the *wrong* (as in different to what product hunt uses) timezone; as I'm in Pacific Standard Time (as I understand that PH operates on) and no way post most regularly at mid-day, I most often post at midnight PST.
@_jacksmith Thank you. Yes, the different time zone is used. I'll try to explain it more in charts. Thank you for the suggestion.
@csaba_kissi got it. ideally i'd suggest that it could be logical to use the timezone that product hunt uses imho
EVERY ASPECT?! ... Teach me Analysis... TEACH ME!