Hunch Ads

Advertising automation for Facebook, Instagram, and Google

Get better ROI with Creative Automation
The smartest way marketing teams get better results on Facebook, Instagram, & Google. Get more conversions creating beautiful dynamic templates. Add your custom images, logos, fonts, and product data. Scale & Succeed!
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Hi to all, stay up to date with our page cause we are planning new product updates.
Does. The app pushes the creatives to the networks?
@trackingdesk Hi Laurent, Hunch pushes creatives to SM. Hunch studio gives you the ability to create layers connected with product feeds, so every ad is customized and personalized. If you or your system remove something from the feed, that ad will not be distributed anymore. With Google Ads, Hunch pushes automated rules. One of my favorite features is integration with Google Analytics, so you can have rule-based campaigns with GA and eCommerce.

Constantly improving and adding usefull features. Running campaigns was never easier. Alerts and automation make our agency service grow in terms of quality. Also the catalogue and feed management are excellent and better than Smartly.


Awesome product with awesome client service.