Humble Abode

Messenger bot providing private tenants with their rights. 🏠

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Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ» , I made this Messenger bot to provide private tenants with their rights (Scotland). A large number of individuals are now renting due to both high rents, making it near impossible to raise the deposit required for a first home and sky-high property prices. Many of these (typically young) individuals are taken advantage of by landlords, who fail to ensure homes are maintained to a safe and liveable standard. Humble Abode provides tenants with their rights, within a medium familiar to them. While working on this bot, I attended a hackathon in partnership with the housing and homelessness charity Shelter. The outcome of the hackathon was a bot specifically addressing Shelter's needs. You can read a bit about the idea and process at πŸ˜€