When you don't know your customers, you lose deals. But research is tedious, and you hardly get to know the person anyway.
Humantic AI sales assistant will ensure that you know every prospect, what makes them buy, what doesn’t so that you. Close. Every. Time.
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Thanks @kevin for sharing our sales assistant with the PH community! You the man, bud. Selling has all of a sudden gone completely virtual and remote, but it doesn't have to become a series of impersonal, soulless zoom calls. This will not only help salespeople make that personal, empathetic connection, it will do it with oomph & style - bringing them prospect intelligence that otherwise would need a researcher looking that prospect up! The feedback from our beta users has been super-positive, you will just simply LOVE what it can do for you to hit your numbers if you are a salesperson. And as always, while our pricing plans are super affordable starting at $9 per user, here is a ProductHunt special 25% discount for the first 500 users: PHCLOSEMORE25 To more closed deals!
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The product is very slick in its user experience and provides valuable insights about prospects, that are readily usable for sales. Working alongside a LinkedIn profile and on demand, is a definite plus! All the best to Amarpreet and the Humantic team on this launch!
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@goodals Hey thanks man, coming from a #salesintelligence pro like you, it pumps us up even more!
A unique product by @amarpreetkalkat. I've been using it for a few days now, and the accuracy of the results is just mind blowing. I guess, we'll start using this for our sales team to give them a extra intel on the prospect and to help them close more efficiently. I haven't seen anything like this!
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@anand_jain1 Wow, thanks Anand! There'd be nothing better than to have your kickass sales team using this!
A great product by @amarpreetkalkat . We found that you can use it in prospecting & understanding if a buyer has authority, or what kind of buyer they are. We are very happy with what we have seen in terms of our ability to personalize, and looking to use it further to improve our sales conversion.
@trivediravi Thanks Ravi, been great to have you as an early user. Really glad you guys like it, here is to closing a lot more often!
Great stuff @amarpreetkalkat ! Will share this with the Sales team at Springworks.
@abhash_kumar2 Thanks Abhash! Nothing better, this is turning out to be a god day already!