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Amalia Viti
Amalia Viti@amaliaviti · Software Engineer @ Lyft
How does this compare to Sense (
Simon Tchedikian
Simon Tchedikian@simontchedikian · Co-founder & CEO at Sevenhugs
@amaliaviti I am Simon, CEO and founder of Sevenhugs. Great to see our product featured on Product Hunt! We appreciate what Hello team has done with Sense product but hugOne is different in several aspects: - hugOne sleep sensors do not require to have WiFi, neither Bluetooth in the bedroom - Our small sensors sit in a corner of the mattress under the mattress cover, - Its electronic transmissions are stopped as soon as it detects presence in the bed for a safe sleep (we wanted to keep the bedroom a safe haven) - The algorithm has been developed to be accurate for adults but also to measure children’s sleep. - It can monitor sleep for all the family members up to 8 people. - hugOne connects with Nest and Philips Hue lights to fully improve your sleep experience: it can automatically adjust temperature when everybody is asleep and use light to fall asleep and wake up smoothly (light has a direct influence on your sleep hormone, the melatonin). - On top of bedroom temperature and humidity, hugOne also measures air quality very accurately thanks to an advanced VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensor, it detects most of indoor air polluants.