Instant project management for GitHub repositories

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Looks clean, love the animated GIF product demos on the site. How does this compare to Trello, Pivotal Tracker, etc.? Do you guys use it at The Program, @EthanS_G?
@rrhoover, we've yet to use it, plan on doing so for a hack night. We use separate Trello boards for Engineering and Creative. Used Pivotal for a long time, but felt they failed to iterate quick enough; specifically in regards to UX.
As I understand it HuBoard gives you a Trello-like view on top of Github issues. This is powerful because you don't have to duplicate the information that is already on Github. For example if you have an open source project on Github a lot of people will add tickets and even pull-requests for you. So all that information already is on Github. In comparison to Pivotal Tracker HuBoard is visualizing your process. For example this could be "Design", "Coding", "Testing", "Party". Whereas Pivotal Tracker only (afaik) has a concept of "todo", "ready for review", "done" and is based on Scrum sprints. So if you don't use Scrum sprints and or have your own workflow HuBoard or other Kanban-style boards are usually an easier way to model reality (especially when you have cross-functional teams).