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HUB is a private network where you can create your own domain to connect and interact with your family, friends & colleagues.
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Great looking product! Private social networks seem to be on the rise and somebody is going to break through. What's the pricing / monetization strategy here? Subscription?
Hi @evomoore. Great question. We’re looking at a couple of ways to monetize but haven’t finalized anything just yet. There are a couple of ways to look at pricing from our perspective: 1. Direct monetization: - You either pay a fee per domain for large group of users. - Or pay per user for a domain with smaller number of users. 2. Shared monetization: - For certain types of domains where you can get some value from the owner of that domain through premium content for example a management guru/celebrity/yoga teacher has a unique domain to share his/her knowledge with the followers, they can charge a fee to allow access to that domain/content. So users pay to join/access and we share the revenue with them. Users get value through access as well as content. As mentioned above we are looking at these ideas among others to monetize and preserve the promise of ad/spam free environment. Would love to hear other ideas!
Really interested to hear your pricing strategy. I think it would work best if one person paid and that granted access to their whole family. For example I’d happily pay for this to allow my extended family to use it. If you need to pay per person I can’t see it working.
@mickc79 pricing models are tricky here especially if you are taking a generic approach (per user or per domain). We are looking at multiple ways as mentioned above. Would love to hear about more ways to monetize.
@mickc79 That will most likely be an option.
Hi everyone, HUB is built with privacy at the heart and therefore based on unique domain that you create. Invite friends, family and colleagues. You may ask who is HUB for? Anyone who cares about privacy and wants to interact privately. HUB is: - Ad free: Interact without noise and distractions. - Spam free: Connect and share with people you know and care about. - Troll free: Broadcast safely without abuse and or bullying. Some of the key features are: - Unique domain for your network - Broadcast updates and share media - Seek and share opinions via polls - Privacy at every level - Dynamic access control HUB is now available to download on App Store.
It's so unique concept! I didn't download it yet, but may try soon. So is it a specific domain based access, not via the permission based access? Basically, anyone who knows the unique domain can access the private network?
Hi @andrew_cho. Great question. So every domain is unique and you can sign up to a certain domain but won’t be able to actually sign in unless you are activated by the domain admin. We also built in something called segments wherein you can group users within a domain and you can only see/share content within that segment. Privacy and private interactions are at the heart of HUB. We don’t believe that being able to know the domain name you should be able to access it, then it wouldn’t really be private. Hope that answers your question.
@haqinam Thanks much for your detailed answer. That helps a lot for me to understand. Sounds great :D
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