Emotionally evolved AIs for personal or business use

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This seems incredibly interesting. As far as I see, you feed it conversations and using a deep learning network and what I assume is black magic, it creates it's own language model and is trained to simulate different emotional states. They seem to have a personal assistant app in the works too:
@ianissoawesome agree, I feel like this will be an interesting year for AI.
@kevinayuque @ianissoawesome truly, it's getting more and more accessible to the general public, we are on the verge of some pretty nice advancements.
@ianissoawesome Hey Ian, thanks for spotting us way over a year ago. We were just a kickstarter project back then. I met back Maurizio and Andrea back when they were being accelerated by Startupbootcamp in 2015 / 16, where they shaped an idea using AI to ingest movie scripts and teach Maurizio’s son english into a commercially viable AI bot platform. Our latest development is currently trending in Tech + front Page Since then Hu:toma has developed into a marketplace and proprietary deep learning technology for bots. Developers can create and train Siri-like chat interfaces using text conversation samples with no coding required. The "Bot Store" allows them to find customers and monetize their creations. Companies can leverage the power of readymade neural networks to build and scale their business processes efficiently, empowering their team to work on higher value tasks. End users can interact with the bots via Facebook Messenger, Slack or a mobile / Web application.
Seeing as Mark Zuckerberg is making his own Jarvis, Hu:toma means we can all have Jarvis right?! At least the conversational part
"Emotionally evolved AI" is such a great product description. Curious to know the current competitors in this space... Also, it looks like the CEO/Founder currently has an active Kickstarter that is associated with this product: Here is where they are currently in the project: Here is some technical stuff about how the neural network works:
@rosssheingold - Hey Ross, thanks for spotting our Kickstarter project over a year ago now. Take a look at how the project has developed. We're currently on the PH front page, but if you can't find us we're here As i'm sure you'll know the competitive landscape has got a lot more competitive over the last year but i think their is still plenty room for multiple players right now.
The most interesting applications of AI are in the humanities, and not in replacing people but in creating new delightful, surprising interactions.