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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 27, 2017
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This is an interesting approach — an independent bot store build on a single platform: Hu:toma is a marketplace and proprietary deep learning technology for chatbots. Developers can create and train Siri-like chat interfaces using only text samples with no coding required. The "Bot Store" allows them to find customers and monetize their creations. Companies can leverage the power of readymade neural networks to build and scale their business processes efficiently, empowering their team to work on higher value tasks. End users can interact with the chatbots via Facebook Messenger, Slack or a mobile / Web application. My question is: how will regular users find and interact with bots built on the Hu:toma platform?
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@chrismessina Chris many thanks for posting out us! With Hutoma we want to provide the tools and an ecosystem where AI creators can get together to build, share and monetise their bots. Developers can mix and match existing bots from our store and can build on top of that instead of starting from scratch. Once a bot is created, you can test it within our system (see this video for example:
) or you can export it to one of the many messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Slack. You can also just embed the bot into a web page. Regular end users will be able to interact with the AI directly from those platforms. If for example, you have exported the bot to Facebook, you can search for it within the messenger platform and can interact directly from there. We will be also exposing our store to search engines so you will hopefully be able to find what you need from Google or peraphs our own search functionality within the platform. Developers can also have access to the raw rest API that connects to the AI so if they want they could build a mobile app on top of that. Many thanks again for posting about us and look fwd to be part of this community!
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@maurizio_cibelli @chrismessina Chris received Christ status apparently 🤠
@milann @chrismessina ah sorry about that!
@maurizio_cibelli @chrismessina typo's can happen, this one was funny in particular
@chrismessina I think like many bot platforms we are reliant on the adoption and promotion of bots by chat platforms. By providing integrations to the channels end users are active within we think that familiarity and adoption by end users will increase. 1/ How do you see bot platforms facilitating this process faster? 2/ Our free-to-use subscription could come with branding, meaning every time a user interacts with a Hu:toma powered bot in Facebook messenger they see our name. I could see such branding having a negative impact upon UX, and because of this do you think it's something bot creators would pay to remove?
Congrats Hu:toma team! So much progress made since last year StartupBootcamp demo day :) the bot landscape has evolved so much in the same time. I have added you to the Made in Barcelona collection
@picsoung the product and team have developed a way since last year. Now looking forward to getting some feedback from Beta users as we onboard them on to the platform over the coming weeks. Do you see any use cases where you think Hu:toma's method of uploading text to train a bot trumps a chatfuel style approach and vice-versa?
Thanks a lot Chris!! Matthew here, part of the Hu:toma team responsible for growth. I met back Maurizio and Andrea back when they were being accelerated by Startupbootcamp, where they shaped an idea using AI to ingest movie scripts and teach Maurizio’s son english into a commercially viable AI bot platform. I’ll be here, along with a couple of colleagues to answer any questions you might have about the team, product, or market for AI bots. We’re here at 4YFN, part of Mobile World Congress - booths K3.10 and E2.5 so if you’re here too, lets meet up.
@matthew_clementson Nice to see that the project hasn't died! This is a really new approach, really wanna see how it turns out. Love that there is a "small talk core" included with each bot,.. Just wondering, what happened to HER? :)
@ianissoawesome Hey Ian, thanks again for spotting Hutoma back when we were a Kickstarter project. During Startupbootcamp we decided to pivot towards a platform / marketplace model and leave the individual bot creation to you guys. Domain experts. Fancy picking up the challenge and building HER on Hutoma?
Really interesting! Curious about what the Botstore has to offer, looks like it's easy to deploy. This in combination with the Neural Conversation Models is unique, haven't seen that approach before. How much data do you need from users to benefit from this?
@jimgroenen Thanks Jim! It's indeed very easy to deploy. The more data that's fed to train the bot, the better but it really depends on your business and needs. For an SME with limited interaction with users, there's not much of data needed to start having meaningful conversations.