HTTP Prompt

An interactive command-line HTTP client

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HTTP Prompt is an interactive command-line HTTP client featuring autocomplete and syntax highlighting, built on HTTPie and prompt_toolkit.
Well this is just awesome
@joostschuur But what's it for?
@frassmith @joostschuur to do web things :) no, really, this _might_ come in handy for web development. I still don't see advantages of this over cURL or Wget. If the maker @eliangcs would like to point some of those, or even other use cases, we would love to hear about that
@joantune The autocomplete alone is awesome, and will save a lot of time compared to plain cURL or wget.
@sjelfull hmm the autocomplete will just work for the known http headers and such, right? or it learns and starts suggesting stuff like POST content and whatnot? [perhaps based on context] Still, even if only for that, you're right. Going back to this, it reminds me of GraphQL, which defines what is acceptable and has auto complete on some of its tools.
But if you can post with it too, it would be really nice to simple web dev
I dig it! I want one of these for IMAP.
This seems like an amazing tool to test APIs. Thanks!